Hey everyone, I have been a very delinquent blogger but you know how it is at times…. you just don’t have the time!

I have been busy with exams, I have finals and I have been at school trying to tie up loose ends, prepare for exams as well as show my face at work and spend time with my daughter.. so my plate has been full.

I must pass these exams, they are essential to my career as well as my ability to provide for my daughter and myself. My next step is a Masters Degree.. but one thing at a time. First I must complete this Bachelors.

Tara is growing beautifully, she is saying new words like :’ish’ for fish, ‘buh’ for bug, ‘ba’ for bike, and she calls trucks .. copter, and helicopters.. copter too. Just amazing, the terrible twos have started and man she can be terrible, she has started hitting, throwing things and screaming loudly and grabbing my clothes and hair when she is upset.

I tell her no, but she seems to continue…. how did you guys deal with this?

I am currently fighting the stigma that people have about single moms… why is it that people assume that single moms are trashy, careless women, who are uneducated and poor? That is not true, while there are some like that a lot of single moms like myself.. are classy, educated and ambitious women who are focused on raising our children to be happy, educated, healthy, well rounded individuals. Again, I encourage all single moms, to keep your head up! Be proud that you have not deserted your responsibility! Be proud that you work so hard for your kids, and be proud that while it hasn’t worked out the way you wanted, you are doing the BEST YOU CAN and God will do the rest.

If you know of a single mom or single moms, don’t treat her or her kid (s) like lesser beings, she is a mother too… …let us support each other, we are all in this thing called life together! Let us all strive to be kind  and uplift each other and our kids… remember that:’ being civil is the only thing that separates us from animals, well some of us’