My heart is so full tonight. My heart is heavy and low. Tonight I saw Tara’s Dad, and he was just so casual and nonchalant. He has not seen her in six months and he blames me, yet he makes no effort to see her and he has never ever even given her a dollar or a toy. He has never given her ANYTHING!

I want Tara to have a Dad so oooooo badly. She is so beautiful and sweet, she deserves a father. Why won’t her dad be a father? He is so irresponsible and nonchalant, yet he says that he cares. Actions speak louder than words and he does nothing for her and only calls once in a while.

I am so sad, my daughter deserves better than this. How will i raise her without a father? I am so ashamed that the man I made her with treats her like this. It’s my fault, I knew he was no good, yet I still went and had a child with him. Now, she has no father. Oh God!!!!!!!! My heart is breaking into a million pieces. my heart hurts. What will I do? How will i raise her well? Will she turn out ok?

I am sooooo sad, I am soo ashamed. I am so embarassed. I want my lil girl to have a dad. I want that sooooo bad.