Happy New Year to everyone!!!!! I myself while trying my best to feel optimistic about the upcoming year am feeling LOOOONELY tonight. I have had a great 2007, my family was healthy, we suffered no deaths of close loved ones, we kept our jobs, my daughter hs been healthy and happy and God has just been so good to us. So while i do not want to seem ungrateful, i must admit that tonight december 31, 2007.. i am feeling blue. Blue because one year has passed and I am still no where closer to meeting someone special, one year has passed and my daughter’s dad has been a jerk from conception till now and shows very little interest in her and i am feeling anxious because another year lies ahead and I am fearful of the unknown.

My wishes for 2008:

1. health and happiness for my mom, Tara, my sister , my dad and myself

2. To complete my degree

3. To meet a life partner

4. To eat healthier

5. less crime in jamaica

Love you guys,